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Last modified: April 10, 2006
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Design Translation:

St. Lorenzo Ruiz Is the first Filipino Saint beatified by the Pope. His brief but complete 1ife was spent In the service of God, as an altar boy and calligrapher for the Dominican priests in Binondo, Manila. Fleeing to Japan to avoid persecution from a crime he was allegedly accused of committing, he was arrested by the authorities for being a Christian. Offered amnesty by the Japanese in exchange for renouncing his faith, he replied: "I am a Christian and I shall die for God. For Him I give up many thousands of lives If I had them."

The inspiration for designing the Church of St. Lorenzo Ruiz draws from his simple yet powerful expression of deep personal Christian faith: love for God for all time.

This is translated in the major design element which forms the roof of the Church. Graphically depicting the symbol of Infinity, the roof, like the love of God, has no beginning and no end.

The glass window above the altar is surrounded by metal bars suggestive of the metal pins driven under St. Lorenzo's fingernails to exact pain. A pain that St. Lorenzo offered as his way of sharing in Christ's suffering.

A local "via crucis" or Stations of the Cross snakes up to the main Church, much like St. Lorenzo's trek up the Mountain of Martyrs before he was tortured and subsequently martyred.

Over-all, the design can be described as Filipino modern, that is both simple and indigenous, yet possessing that timeless look to appeal to both young and old alike.