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Last modified: April 25, 2011
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Update: April 25, 2011

Front-right view of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Church

Main front door from outside

Main front door from outside

Father Lito with Pat Talon on the left side of the church. View from the front door. It features glass made to look like capiz

The altar

View from the right side from the altar

View of the main gate from the altar

Another view of the altar from the left side

Side doors from the outside

Sacristi site from the outside door

From the altar door

Father Lito and Ves Talon

Close up view of the dusty front door

"Susi ni San Pedro"

The temporary convent as seen from the church. Father Lito and Pat Talon.

Another view of the temporary convent

Dra Pat on the veranda of the temporary convent

Front view of the San Lorenzo Parish Church in Fairlane, Tarlac City